AGE was commissioned and presented by the 2014 New Zealand Festival. 

“The movement is astonishing and the dancers are truly amazing…This work, you have to

think about it, and you have to grapple with it …On that level it’s the kind of

contemporary dance work that many of us crave and very rarely get”. Radio New Zealand


Age by Ross McCormack signalled the arrival of a fresh New Zealand dance voice.

 His company, Muscle Mouth, brought together a stellar cast of seven performers to create

 a convincing portrayal of family members encountering the travails of life through the eyes

of three generations …Age was a clever and endearing work and bodes well for McCormack

 and his new company”. The Listener

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Director: Ross McCormack

Performers: Nicola Leahey, Claire O’Neil, James O’Hara, Alex Leonhartsberger, Luke Hanna,

Mick Rose, Harry Eathorne

Rehearsal Director: Victoria Colombus

Composer: Jason Wright

Light Designer: Natasha James

Set Designer: Ross McCormack

Set Realisation: Ross McCormack, Melanie Hamilton, Sam Trubridge

Wig Design and Creation: Roseann Mckie, Alexandra Guillot

A.V: Jason Wright, Jim Murphy

Projection Mapping: Jim Murphy

Promotional Photography: Jason Wright
Photo Editor: Chris Connolly
Production Manager: Natasha James

Producer: Melanie Hamilton


The choreographic content of AGE was created by: Ross McCormack, Nicola Leahey, Claire O’Neil, James O’Hara, Alex Leonhartsberger, Luke Hanna, Mick Rose and Harry Eathorne, with special thanks to Luke Hanna for additional choreographic input.


Special thanks to: Georgie Goater; Maxine Edwards and Rick Pilcher at Charter Packaging; Lauren, Martin and Zoe Eathorne. 

© 2014 Muscle Mouth

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